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Advent Technologies is a world leader in the development of new materials and systems for energy applications. Specifically, Advent Technologies is dedicated to commercialize the technology of high temperature membrane-electrode-assemblies (HT MEAs) and to scale up manufacturing to the level that covers existing and near future demands. In addition, the Company possesses world class technology in the area of materials for organic photovoltaic applications (OPVs) and organic optoelectronic materials in general. Our commercialization strategy is not only to manufacture but also to enter into licensing agreements, joint ventures and joint development agreements with volume manufacturers and global players in the renewable energy arena and generate revenue from multiple sources.
Advent Technologies is headquartered in Hartford Connecticut USA. The company also occupies research and development space in Patras, Greece where pilot manufacturing is taking place. The combination of these two locations offers the ability to perform cutting edge development of the technology in collaboration with scaled up manufacturing to support the individual needs of our partners and customers. The company also has a number of patents and patent applications with the US Patent Office and Patent Offices Worldwide to protect its core HT MEA and OPV technologies.
The company was founded in 2005 from scientists from the Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas and the University of Patras. To date, Advent has raised capital from institutional investors (Connecticut Innovations, Piraeus Capital Management, Dolphin Capital PLC etc), industrial partners (Systems Sunlight S.A., Velti PLC, ILPRA S.A.) as well as private investors. Significant funding has also been received from the Greek General Secretariat for Research and Technology as well as the European Union through a series of competitive research grants.